About UDS Enterprise

UDS Enterprise is a multiplatform connection broker for: 

  •  VDI: Windows and Linux virtual desktops administration and deployment 
  •  App virtualization 
  •  Desktop services consolidation 

In short, UDS Enterprise manages user access to IT resources in Data Center or Cloud. 

General features 

  • Very easy installation, administration and usability. 
  • Tool customization thanks to its Open Source base. 
  • Unlimited flexibility and scalability. 
  • Easy integration with third-party software. 
  • Road-map based on client & community requests. 
  • Inverse cost scaling: the more users there are, the greater the reduction on platform cost. 
  • No license needed. Subscription model featuring product support and updates. 
  • Optimal for environments with a large number of users where other solutions involve high acquisition and implementation costs or do not meet specific technical requirements. 

Technical features 

  • User access from main web browser and OS. 
  • Windows & Linux Desktops native support. 
  • 2 levels advanced cache system for VDI.
  •  SSL Secured WAN Access. 
  • Reinforced security thanks to a split authentication system. 
  • Controlled user access to desktop services and virtual applications. 
  • Advanced programming for administrative tasks

Multi-hypervisor: The support of multiple hypervisors allows to choose the one that best suits your needs or set up some hypervisors simultaneously. 

Multi-authenticator: UDS Enterprise enables the assignment of virtual desktops from several sources simultaneously and with an unlimited number of configurations. 

Multi-protocol: UDS Enterprise allows the connection to virtual desktops or physical resources using multiple protocols simultaneously. 

Services architecture with UDS Enterprise 


What is UDS Enterprise for? 

  • Virtual desktops, applications and other Windows & Linux services administration and deployment. 
  • Access management from LAN & WAN to resources platforms hosted on Data Center or Cloud environments. 
  • Manage user access to assigned resources.
  • Automatic management of the resource life cycle (desktops, applications…). 
  • Organize and optimize VDI platforms, managing access, timeout and features over deployed resources, handling multiple connection protocols, services, authentication systems, alarms, templates, statistics, rules and reports.
  • Unification of any IP service registered in the system.


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