Applications of UDS Enterprise 

Desktop management. UDS Enterprise allows:

  •  Manage desktop lifecycle from beginning to end 
  • Establish usage policies for deployed virtual desktops or other resources 
  • Deploy virtual desktops based on templates 
  • Remote access without requiring client software 

Application provisioning.: Allocation of Windows application sessions for users using Windows and Linux devices.

IP Services: Configure, administer and manage practically any service deployed in your network or Data Center. It provides access to virtual desktops, FTP servers, shared resources, VoIP and IP cameras through management modules.

Disaster Recovery: Guaranteed access to the desktops from an alternative center in case of issues and makes the implementation of backup policies easier. 

Security:. It allows IT administrators to,

  • Ensure the user workstation environment by controlling access to virtual desktops 
  • improves the security of information, since data are stored within the Data Center 
  • Isolate applications through connections to sessions from different operating systems 
  • Deny the use of non-authorized devices
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