Proxmox Virtual Environment 6

At a glance 
  • Complete open-source platform for enterprise virtualization 

  • Easy management of compute,network, and storage with the central web interface 

  • 100% software-defined architecture 

  • Two virtualization technologies supported: KVM hypervisor & Linux Container (LXC) 

  • Web-based UI, CLI, API • High-Availability (HA) Cluster Manager 
  • Live Migration 
  • Built-in services: firewall,backup/restore, storage replication, etc. 
  • Open-source license GNU AGPL, v3 
  • Enterprise support agreement




Proxmox VE is a complete open-source solution for enterprise virtualization that tightly integrates KVM hypervisor and LXC containers, software-defined storage and networking functionality on a single platform. With the central user interface you can easily run VMs and containers, manage software-defined storage resources and networking functionality, highly available clusters, and multiple out-of-the-box tools like backup/restore, live migration, storage replication, or the integrated firewall. Proxmox VE enables you to virtualize even the most demanding Linux and Windows application workloads. By combining two virtualization technologies on a single platform, Proxmox VE provides maximum flexibility to your data center. It includes strong high-availability (HA) support and—thanks to the unique multi- master design—you don’t need an additional management server thus saving resources and allowing HA without single point of failure (SPOF). 

Enterprise ready

Enterprises use the powerful Proxmox VE platform to easily install, manage and monitor hyperconverged infrastructures (HCI) in their data center. Multiple authentication sources combined with role-based user and permission management enable full control of the HA clusters. The REST API enables easy integration of third-party management tools like for example custom hosting environments. 

The future-proof and open-source development model of Proxmox VE guarantees full access to the products source code as well as maximum flexibility and security.