What Is Hyperconvergence?

To understand what is hyperconverged infrastructure , it is imperative to first understand what is a Converged infrastructure.In a converged infrastructure , a vendor supplies an organization with proprietary storage, network, server and related technologies. Each of these resources is typically handled by a discrete component that serves a singular purpose.These  pre-configured components are integrated and standardized to help organizations achieve timely, repeatable, consistent deployments. This has the advantage that organisations can  accurately plan their infrastructure and optimize for  power, floor space, usable capacity, performance and cost.

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) takes converged infrastructure a notch higher. Hyper-convergence  is largely software-defined with tightly-integrated compute, storage, networking and virtualization resource and thus they allowing  IT administrators to manage all of the components as a single system.It should also be noted that HCI typically runs on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) servers instead of proprietary  hardware.

Benefits of Hyperconverged Infrastructure Systems

  • Elimination of infrastructure silos and the need for discrete components.  

  • Data processing with a single-policy engine. 

  • Creation of a virtualization-ready environment with highly efficient scalability.

  • Shift in management paradigm from a hardware approach to an application-focused one, with centralized management, policies and mobility conducted at the virtual machine level.

  • Potential CapEx and OpEx Cost savings resulting from streamlined acquisition, deployment, management and support costs as well as reduced complexity, interoperability issues and operational expenses.

Companies deploy HCI for two reasons - cost savings and operational efficiencies.The HCI is simpler to deploy and manage. It's just much easier than adding all those point solutions to your infrastructure. HCI lets organizations add in additional nodes as they see fit to scale up IT resources. 

By coming as a streamlined and centrally managed solution, HCI lowers IT acquisition and deployment costs for organizations.The benefits can especially accrue for small and medium-sized businesses, which often lack specialized IT staff and face tight budgets. Reducing vendors eases procurement management and oversight and streamlining equipment reduces total cost of ownership and conserves power, cooling and physical space — benefits that can impact companies with tight margins.

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