Telecommuting in a few hours with UDS Enterprise VDI

Do you have a virtualization platform? Now you can implement an efficient Teleworking system in just one morning with UDS Enterprise.

´┐╝Crisis situations accelerate the plans of organizations to implement solutions. From VirtualCable, we have decided to help all companies that are considering the adoption of remote working as a preventive measure in view of the current health situation, providing them with a quick, simple and efficient solution.


We have launched a special promotion: We provide a UDS Enterprise compact version free for life for up to 10 users to all SMEs that need it.


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Secure e-Learning and telecommuting for Education with VDI

Since the very beginning of its professional activity, VirtualCable has had a close relationship with the educational sector in general and with the Spanish universities in particular. We have worked closely with many of them making custom developments to facilitate the adoption of desktop and application virtualization technology.

We have also collaborated on joint projects to make available to the entire educational community functionalities that did not exist to date (such as the access to VDI and vApp through Moodle), which simplify IT work and help teachers and students improve their academic experience.


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5 reasons why hyper-converged infrastructure could be right for you

There are a number of different use cases for hyper-converged infrastructure systems, but it is sometimes difficult to separate the marketing hype from real-world best practices. While there may not be one single indicator that definitively affirms your need for hyper-convergence, there are several symptoms that point to why hyper-converged infrastructure may be just what the doctor ordered for your organization.

  • Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)
  • Staffing resources
  • DevOps testing
  • Data protection

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Understanding Linux Containers

LXC or Linux containers are OS level virtualisations that run several isolated applications on the parent control host system. Through containerisation, developers can package applications with their dependencies so that the apps can run on other host systems flawlessly.

Linux containers are applications that are isolated from the host system on which they are running. Developers are allowed by the containers to package an application through the libraries and dependencies needed for the application, and ship it as one package. For developers and sysadmins, the transfer of code from the development environments into production is rapid and replicable.

Containers are similar to virtual machines. With containers, one does not have to replicate a whole operating system. Containers only need individual components in order to operate. This boosts performance and reduces the size of the application.


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