FOSS Tools that Help to Create and Deliver E-learning Content

E-learning is today making educational resources highly accessible for a large number of learners. However, various important steps have to be followed to build and deliver e-learning content. This article highlights a number of tools that can be used in the e-learning content creation and delivery process.

Learning is an integral part of our life. With the knowledge based ecosystem that we live in, it has become mandatory to continue the learning process even after we have completed a formal school or university based education. E-learning has emerged as a primary learning channel for many of us due to various factors such as variable time availability, learner-centric pacing, the opportunity to learn from the best teachers and institutions in the field, etc. Hence, e-learning content creation and management should be carried out with the utmost care, considering the large number of learners impacted by the tutorial material created. Well-built e-learning material should be very effective in reaching a large number of learners and achieving the intended learning objectives.


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