Red Hat's SPICE 0.14.3 Remote Display System Now Supports Microsoft Windows

The SPICE remote display system developed by Red Hat is up to version 0.14.3 with a few prominent additions.

The Simple Protocol for Independent Computing Environments (SPICE) is an important part of the Linux desktop virtualization stack and supported by the likes of KVM/QEMU, Xspice, and oVirt. With today's SPICE 0.14.3 now comes support for supporting Microsoft Windows guests.

This Windows capability allows for the QEMU Windows build to be built with SPICE support and everything should "just work" for remote display. The other big change is WebSockets support for the SPICE-HTML5 code-path in now allowing that to work without needing a proxy.

SPICE 0.14.3 also has fixes for ARM hard-float and POWER PPC64EL, fixes for big endian systems such as MIPS, crash fixes for buggy guest drivers, support for querying available video codecs, and various other fixes.

SPICE 0.14.3 and the complete list of highlights for this release can be found via

Posted in Virtualization Friday, February 28th, 2020 by Admin